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Sheila ParkerMeet Sheila Renee Parker. She is a published author and poet. One of the finest author’s of today.

Bio: Sheila Renee Parker is a paranormal author and empath. Her blog and popular speaking engagements delve deeply into the power of the mind and spirit. Sheila is author of the novel, “The Spirit Within” and is an internationally acclaimed poet.

Welcome Sheila! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today.

Q: May I address you as Sheila?
A: Yes, please call me Sheila.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Like why did you decide to start writing about the Paranormal?
A: I wanted to write about the paranormal simply because it really intrigues me. All my life the paranormal has been a part of me, of who I am. I’ve had supernatural experiences, luckily nothing that I would consider malevolent, though. Writing about the paranormal helps me to better understand my experiences and hopefully by writing about it, it will help others to openly discuss their otherworldly experiences as well.

Q: Have you ever been on an investigation? If so, tell us about your experience.
A: I’ve never been on an actual investigation. I mean, I’ve been to lots of locations that have reported to be haunted like old military forts, an old hospital that had been turned into a museum, a bed & breakfast that’s well over one hundred years old, an old lighthouse that had previously been investigated by the crew of Ghost Hunters and even to private residences that have claimed to be haunted, but never where I conducted an investigation. Did I experience anything while at these locations? Absolutely! I’m an empath so I always pick up on energies, even if they’re from another lifetime.

Q: How do you come up with characters for your story line?
A: By creating characters that the reader can easily relate with, whether directly or indirectly. I want the characters to seem as real as possible.

Q: Do you have any books or blogs that a person may follow to read about what you’re doing or be able to get in touch with you?
A: I have a blog where I discuss anything to do with the paranormal, including my own personal supernatural experiences. I even share my poetry and art on there as well. Aside from being a published author, I’m also a published poet with worldwide recognition by The International Who’s Who In Poetry. My paranormal blog can be found at . Find me on Twitter: @sheilarparker and on Facebook: Sheila Renee Parker – Author

Q: Do you have books available for purchase?
A: Definitely and I’m currently working on a sequel!

Q: (If yes) What are the titles and how can a person get one?
A: My novel, The Spirit Within can be found on Amazon:

Sheila I have to say that your book The Spirit Within is a wonderful story of romance. That’s all I’m going to say for now for I don’t want to give away anything. But I can say one thing: I can’t wait for your sequel. Would you give the readers a taste of your book today?

Here’s a brief description of The Spirit Within:

This is a paranormal romance. Perfect for young teens, young adults and everyone who believes in the spirit within. College student, Cassandra Blakemore may seem to have the perfect life on the outside with her loving family and friends, but on the inside she harbors a terror created by her abusive boyfriend, Raleigh Nichols, who quickly sinks his way deep into the bottom of the bottle. Cassandra’s emotional strength suddenly emerges but at a price as she’s faced with her worst fear. Battered and betrayed, she soon discovers hidden abilities while her own secrets unfold. As if levitation, telekinesis and premonitions weren’t enough, what else is Cassandra Blakemore hiding? The Spirit Within is an intoxicating story with a unique supernatural twist.

Q: What is your scariest moment ever faced?
A: The scariest moment for me I have to honestly say was the first time I saw a shadow person in my own house. I was barely a teenager and noticed it out of the corner of my right eye. The figure was a dark silhouette that only appeared for a few seconds, but in that brief moment it seemed like an eternity. I was completely terrified because I had never seen anything like that before. I was so frightened that I stayed wide awake all night, sitting on the kitchen floor, lights on and my back against the refrigerator. I remained that way until the sun came up the next morning. Since then, I’ve randomly seen shadow people at various locations, but never do I feel anymore fear. From my personal experiences, I believe that shadow people are observers.

Q: What is your favorite book and author?
A: Without a doubt, Pet Sematary by Stephen King. Love King’s writing style and the way he delves into the human psyche.

Q: What’s your method of writing?
A: Old school. Pen and paper first, then I transfer it all to my laptop. Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s what works best for me. I always keep a notebook in the nightstand by my bed for quick jotting.

Q: You have any wise words for someone that would like to start writing.
A: Write with fire in your words and passion in your heart. Let your writing be the expression that defines who you really are. Don’t be afraid to open up and let your creative embers ignite.

Thank you very much Sheila for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today. This should help us better understand how you draw up your next character, chapter, or even book title.

The Spirit Within us all we can only hope to find one day to help make us better understand how the energies for which we are transpires from the physical to the otherworldly.

Sheila is a special person and friend to me. She lights up the day with her words and blog interviews. I’m always amazed by her ability to draw the best out of a person. Thank you Sheila for the wonderful opportunity to get to know you better.

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