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~ Kimberli ‘Soulretriever’ Ridgeway ~


Meet Kimberli Ridgeway. She is one of the most recognized in her field of expertise.

Bio: Over the years, she has seen many things, things that defy a normal explanation. She has followed these deviations from the norm to help restore the people she was working with to a state of peace. She has also made unique formulas for her clients for many years. Now she is sharing her talents with you. Her formulas for these products are based on the Fibonacci sequence. As well as Ghoul B. Gone, Kimberli formulates the ESP Botanicals Organic Skincare line.

Welcome Kimberli! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today.

Q: May I address you as Kim?
A: I prefer Kimberli, please and thank you for asking.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Like when did you first notice you were different from others?
A: When I woke up from a dream and knew Grandma was about to pass. I think I was 8.

Q: How old were you when you started to understand your abilities?
A: I was in my late 30’s when I really started to understand how my beautiful mind worked.

Q: When did you finally just say, “I’m different and I’m going to help those that need or want my help?”
A: Refer to previous answer smile.

Q: What type of tools do you use, if any, when you are giving someone help?
A: I have a lot of tools. The cool thing about using these as that the more you use them, they become part of your energy field. As they become one with you, you no longer need the prop as you have the pattern. But some people you work with feel more comfortable with the prop, most of the time, it is just me.

Q: What was the scariest moment in your life dealing with your ability?
A: You would think the answer to this would be any of the many exorcisms that I have done. But that is not the answer. My scariest moments come from being with people who do not understand me.

Q: Any advice for anyone reading this to help better understand why they, themselves feel different?
A: Go inside yourself. Find out what you are capable of and how to use it. Trust yourself. Learn, learn, study, and read. Turn off the TV. I firmly believe that most people are gifted in some special way. But you can do things to suppress it. Don’t fight it, that would be fighting yourself. Either way in that battle, you lose. And if you really want to amp up your gifts take one of my Awaken your supernatural abilities classes.

Kimberli’s most memorable memory of helping.

One of my more memorable moments, I was working with a child, she was 10. She had an entity with her. It presented itself as a mean old man. It did not seem demonic, just disincarnate. I went into my normal healing mode and as per protocol, it left the child. Unexpectedly, it jumped onto me. Now mind you I have been doing this for a little over a decade, and this had never happened. I was still engaged in prayer with this young girl. I was frozen for a moment thinking about how to handle this without causing her concern. I decided that her healing was the priority and when I had finished, I went outside. Told the family I needed to ground. Then I walked into the back yard and helped him move onto the other side. I did use my Ghoul B Gone and sprayed her bedroom and her energy field, and then mine. FYI, she is doing much better in school as well and no more nighttime disturbances. Whatever the entity was it is now history.

Thank you Kimberli for taking time out of your busy schedule today to help us better understand what you do and why.

I first met Kimberli at the Paranormal Expo at the McAuthor Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was a gentle soul with a popping, bubbly personality. Friendly with everyone that stopped by her table and asked what she was offering to help with spirits.

Ghoul B Gone she told me was one of the favorites among the ghost hunters in the field. Just spray some on and the bad spirits would leave you alone. I have to say when she sprayed me with some it did seem to ease the atmosphere around me and it did have a very nice, enjoyable scent to it as well.

Kimberli thank you for making the Expo more enlightens and fun. But most of all thank you for welcoming me in your world with open arms. Looking forward to seeing you and all the other enthusiast next year!


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