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Adrian ScalfMeet Adrian Shawn Scalf. He is one of the most respected individuals of paranormal research.

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Welcome Adrian! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today.

Q: May I address you as Adrian?

A: That would be fine Duwane.

Q: Do you consider yourself a Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator?

A: Consider myself more a Paranormal Investigator, though I typically investigate ghost phenomena I will look at all phenomena no matter what the claim is. But in this realm of “ghost hunting” I believe the difference is more in the effort you put into it. A “ghost hunter” is more of a hobby trying to have a personal experience. A paranormal investigator takes it a step further and compiles data in order to help either the client or further the science. Many investigators do both.

Me: I could not agree more with you on that aspect, Adrian.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Like why did you decide to become a Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator?

A: I was a non believer. I had a personal experience that led me to find out the truth behind what I had encountered and use my experiences to help others who need it.

Q: Do you investigate alone or do you have an investigation group that goes with you?

A: I have a team that my wife and I started in 2006.

Q: What’s your teams name?

A: River Valley Paranormal Research & Investigation (RVPRI) in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Me: This next question is a two-part.

Q: What types of investigations do you and your team do? Where have you investigated?

A: We have primarily done home investigations since our mission was to help families that needed it. We have investigated many places that are popular in the area. But most notably is a historic hospital here in Arkansas, and the Fort Chaffee Medical Complex as seen on Ghost Adventures (which we were on) and the Stone Lion Inn which was on the first season on Ghost Hunters. But most of our investigations are confidential.

Me: Wow impressive, I knew I had seen you before we first met at the Expo in Little Rock.

Q: What is the scariest place you or your team have ever investigated?

A: A home in Eastern Oklahoma.

Note: Do to privacy issues this was all the answer Adrian would commit to giving.

Q: Any personal experiences you want to share.

A: I have seen many several full body apparitions. Countless shadow figures and something that fits squarely in the crypto realm. But the personal experience I feel I need to share is a personal attachment that affected me for years after an home investigation. It has become my personal mission to help explain the dangers of paranormal investigation to people who do not understand the potential dangers. I have many ghost stories, many fun things to share that lasted a mere moment. But the attachment stayed with me for more than 2 years. I did what I thought would protect us, but it did not help me, or my team.

Me: Attachments are scary for sure and you are right, people don’t really understand the harmful nature of what we do as paranormal investigators.

Q: What is your favorite piece of paranormal equipment and why?

A: My brain first and foremost, without utilizing that all investigations are worthless. Equipment? My audio recorder, due to the fact that we have gained more evidence with that than any other piece of equipment.

Q: What methods do you or your team use while conducting an investigation?

A: We use a common sense method. I believe that the truth lies somewhere in between the spiritual and scientific methods.

Q: If someone is having some type of paranormal experiences, and are in need of help, how may they contact you?

A: The best way to contact us is through our email or through Facebook

Q: Any wise words for a person that would like to become a Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator?

A: The most important thing I can say to someone thinking about becoming an investigator is that not everything plays by the rules. It can be fun, but it can be really dangerous to you, your family and your team and their families. Know who you are, know who they are. Watch for personality changes.

That and If you are unable to handle your own paranormal issues, how can you think that poking the bear is going to help your own personal situation?

Thank you Adrian for taking time from your busy schedule to talk with me about the paranormal.

Adrian is one of the top paranormal investigators in the state, he and his team has been on several TV shows. They have performed several investigations and hosted several tours. The most impressive things I find about him is his generosity to help by giving back with food drives. Scary stories for cans of food!

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