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V. Duwane Ledbetter (1968-Present) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, grew up on a chicken farm with cattle in North West Arkansas. He had his first experiences with the paranormal while growing up in a small town just west of Springdale, Arkansas called Tontitown. He holds a PhD. in Philosophy Specializing in the Paranormal Sciences, C.P.I. (Certified Paranormal Investigator). Dr. Ledbetter is a 2015 Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science. He is the founder of the Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC organization. Duwane is a freelance investigative writer who is mostly interested in paranormal activity stories. Received his Ordination for Reverend along with his CPI in 2014 from the IMHS institute. He enjoys helping and working with those who have experienced an incident of the otherworldly nature. His writings are based on actual paranormal phenomenon experiences. He writes in the fictional genre for readers who love to be taken on adventures like the paranormal investigator himself. He is married to wife Linda and they both live in Russellville, Arkansas with their two dogs, Candy and Marceline. He is a retired veteran of the United States Army. He has four sons Duwane III a former Marine, Ryan U.S. Navy, Christopher U.S. Army, Matthew his youngest son who is a member of the RPI – Russellville Paranormal Investigation team, and two step-children Corey Light a Computer Graphics & Design Tech, and Amber Light currently attending Arkansas Tech University.

Thank you for your interest and support for the paranormal research field. Enjoy these stories for they are true events that happened during the paranormal activity tours conducted by the Russellville Paranormal Investigation and its team of investigators.

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