My Valentine!

The Paranormal Investigator!
V. Duwane Ledbetter – Author

My first ever poem. I wouldn’t know if this is real or not.  But it struck me to write late last night.  So I hand wrote it out with pen on paper, but today made some changes.  For I was after all half asleep when the first image and words came to me.  I hope you enjoy it and please remember that love can be found anywhere!

My Valentine

The clock strikes midnight

I feel the moist touch of her tongue with delight

While moving up my thigh

She receives my sigh

The satisfaction of pleasure

I find is hard to measure

A call to rise

She gets the surprise

Through the early morning darkness ride

I feel my swelling pride

As I now hear her moan from my passion

She gives me satisfaction

Now the sun breaks through, and she is gone

I’m left here again all alone

Another day of her passion is now another year waiting

Not that I can resist, nor can I be free and waiting

She makes it worthwhile for one day a year as she turns me to us

My sweet Valentine the Succubus!

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