Upcoming Events!

Sorry about not being on here as much as I should have been these last few months. Been busy with edit rewrites and paranormal investigations. I’ll be in New Orleans 16th to the 20th looking for some new material for my next book. Yes, I have plans for another book with the Paranormal Investigator Brian Johanson.

I have released a small video clip with some information about the novel I am currently finishing up. The release date, the cover release, and so much more will be coming forth very soon.

August will be another release of a short teaser for the novel.

September will be the month that I release the actual title of the book and the cover release.

I would like to thank Shannon Russo my photographer for taking time to meet with me and my model Stormy Stoneking in Eureka Springs, Arkansas at the Crescent Hotel. I do believe that was the place to take the pictures for my book. Also, sending out a great big THANKS to the Crescent for allowing me to do the shoot on the property.

~~~Important dates for July, 2016 ~~~

July 23 – TAPN Online Radio ~ I will be a guest speaker on this show.

July 30 (12:00 pm to 1:00 pm) – The Heritage Hall, next to the Pope County Library ~ Hosting the Food 4 Paranormal Stories event to help raise awareness of those in need for the Ray of Hope! Come join us.


Contact me if you have a question or if you have something positive to say. Thank you for your continued support and interest in all things Paranormal!

Thank you!

V. Duwane Ledbetter – Author & Paranormal Investigator