Novel Update

Okay I’m not giving the title of my new novel yet for the one I have might change. Not sure just yet! Still working with a new model for the cover shot so hopefully soon the Cover should be ready so that you can vote on it for me.

Meanwhile, here is a small taste of the new novel that will be coming your way by September. Please comment and share this way I’ll know what the fans think of the teaser!


Getting back to the house just in time to watch his favorite show, Paranormal States, Brian took the pizza on into the living room to eat. “Here you go girl, enjoy.” Brian says to Mandy as he gives her a slice of pizza to eat. She gobbled it down in only a few bites. Patting her head, kicking out the leg rest on the chair, he sat there enjoying his pizza while watching TV.


Brian’s fast asleep not able to hear the all too familiar sounds as Mandy’s ears perk letting out a small growl.

Brian Henry Johanson why must you keep trying my patience with you? I have told you trying to get you to understand that there is no way you will defeat me. Stop it! Stop it before I have to severely hurt you severely Brian. I do not wish to since I do so enjoy you sexually, I love how you feel thrusting me with your desires. Do not fight me, Brian, no…Join me! Join me becoming my King, the leader of all those whom follow me. Give me yourself Brian Henry…Give me yourself…

Sitting straight up in the bed he sat there, breathing heavily, but trying to catch his breath. Not being able too as it was fast and shallow. “What the…” he thought for a moment, “What in the world was that about. Join her…Join her as in be hers? Oh hell no!” pissed that his night was ruined he got out of bed, got dressed, put some food and water in the dog’s bowls, then left.

Driving straight to Forrest City Memorial Hospital he got there about 10:30am Thursday morning. Heading straight in to check on his wife, Dr. Jones meets him in the hallway. “Brian. Brian!” she calls out at him.

Stopping he looks over at her, waves, then starts to head on towards Heather’s room. “Brian, wait we need to talk.” Dr. Jones called out once more, stopping him as she approached asking him to join her for some breakfast in the cafeteria.

“What’s up Doc!” Brian asked before realizing the reference synonym causing him to give a short snort-laugh.

“Very funny Brian, I haven’t seen you or heard from you in a few days and I was worried.” She said with concern in her eyes.

“As always there you go giving the concerned eyebrow sis.” Brian told her.

“Brian?” she questioned.

“Look Cynthia, I’m fine. I just wish people would stop asking me that. Remember how it made us feel when everyone asked how we felt when dad passed away back in 2001?” shaking his head with disbelief of the shear words from his sister, how are you? How are you holding up? You doing okay? “Damnit, would you just stop. Please stop asking me that.” Lowering his head, “I’m fine sis. Okay. Just want to see my wife, that’s all.”

They sat in the cafeteria for almost three hours as his sister explained that Heather was in another major surgery with Dr. Price a leading physician in Cardiology as the arteries around the areas that the mirror shards were still located cut through the blood vessels walls causing major bleeding. She had been in surgery for more than eight hours now, they tried to contact him, but the number wouldn’t go through. Brian sat there shaking while Cynthia slid her chair next to her brother’s. Putting her arms around him, “She is in very capable hands with Dr. Price, Brian. I promise.”

“When will they be finished?” he finally asked.

“I was about to go check on the situation when I saw you come in.” she answered with her comforting voice, “let me go check and I’ll get back with you. Okay?”

Leaving him setting alone in the cafeteria Dr. Jones left. As he laid his head down on, his folded arms on top of the table, he hears that familiar sound from a week or so ago. He raised his head to look around the room.


So you came here anyways, even though you were warned Brian Henry. Why must you make this so difficult my lover? You will not be happy today for sure now, I will make sure of this as it will be your punishment for not leaving this alone.

“Go away, just leave me alone.” Laying his head back down as the tears started to fill around his eyes. Hearing everyone running down the hallways with the speakers blasting …COLD BLUE COLD BLUE… across them he jumped to his feet, running towards her room. Arriving in time to see his wife being rolled back into the room he stopped, as he could not believe his eyes. Laying on the gurney as the nurses were rolling her back into the ICU room, her head turned towards Brian. She is fine, thank you… her body begins to quiver and shake violently, stopping him dead in his tracks just feet from her. What am I seeing? Blood forced from every orifice of her body he could only watch, helplessly when the blackness oozed from her mouth like smoke from a chimney, he saw something frightening, a face, a demon. “What is that?” he mumbled. Not sure but it was, something.


Hope you enjoyed this little tease! Let me know what you think and be on the look out for the upcoming photos for the cover!


Novel Update!

I am still in the editing process of my new first ever novel. I thought a novel in 30 days was hard! Nothing compared to the editing processes. LOL!!!

Have a new model for the photo shoot for the cover. That is another great adventure I’ve embarked upon for this thing! As soon as we start taking pictures of the newest cover I will post them. Please follow me on my other social media sites or stop by and like them. We will start processing the cover photos later this month so hopefully I’ll have some to show you soon!

Stay tuned for a small teaser of my new novel!

Stay Scared!

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